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The Mythical Land of “Ready”

Once upon a time, I believed there was a land of "ready." When I reached this place, I would be transformed. Things I was currently afraid of or felt unprepared for would suddenly be easy. I would handle all those dreaded things with grace and perfectly. When I reached this place, the timing would always…

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A Back-to-School Assignment

Call me a nerd (I admit it freely), but one of my favorite things to do as a child was back-to-school shopping. While most of my peers were groaning about heading back into the classroom, I was clicking my heels at the prospect of buying a new Lisa Frank notebook or a Trapper Keeper. (My…

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Yet Another Permission Slip

Tomorrow is an exciting day for me; I am going to a writing retreat in the Hamptons. Am I going to lounge on a private beach? Yes. Am I going to look for Beyonce everywhere? Absolutely. Am I going to work on revising my latest novel? Nope. I am going to pause here until the…

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25 Writing Challenges

Write about an unusual scent. Tell a story about a silent world. Go to an art museum, and write a story about the first painting you see. Create a character about the fifth person you see on the street. Read the dialogue from your latest piece out loud. Write a romance with an ending that…

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How I “Got” My Writing Voice

I am frequently asked about how I got my writing voice for this blog. They tend to ask me how my voice is so different from all the other editors out there or how do I make it so funny and conversational. In particular, people ask how I squeeze so many pop culture references in…

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A Writing Lesson from DJs

My best friend got married last weekend, and I have to say: her DJ was lit. Not only did he play Salt-N-Pepa twice, but his transitions were perfect. When Montell sang, "Let's flip the track, bring the old school back," Backstreet Boys' "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" started playing. Something equally genius happened when Miley Cyrus sang,…

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