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Self-Care for Writers

Okay, if you have been online for more than five seconds, I am sure you have heard about self-care. I am sure you associate it with taking a break from your office job or parenting (okay, you can stop laughing now). Bubbles baths and scented candles are probably mentioned. I say forget that. Sure, I…

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A Quick Hit of Motivation

Yesterday I was reading the delightful From Twinkle, with Love, and a terrible thought hit me: What if Ms. Menon never wrote this book? The thought broke my heart.  This book was giving me so much joy. I was learning about new female filmmakers and laughing along with Twinkle's mishaps. I adored rooting for her romance and…

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A Writing Lesson from Japan

It was a Thursday night in Tokyo. I was having a blast at a get-together with a bunch of ex-pats at a bar (the fast bonding that is depicted in Lost in Translation is real), but I was getting tired. I was still a bit jet-lagged (a thirteen-hour time difference is no joke), and my introvert…

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There’s No Writing Like Snow Writing

Today's newsletter is written by our very own Emily Hogenson! If you are lucky enough to live somewhere where it has already snowed, like I do, you may have already gotten in some snow writing. Snow writing is that wonderful writing that gets done when you are trapped inside, under a blanket; there is a…

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An Unexpected Writing Resource

Sometimes the internet is a dark place. A really, really dark place. But I've found a bright spot of sunshine. It's called I've Pet That Dog. What is this magic place of puppies and happiness? It is a Twitter account run by a young man named Gideon who takes pictures of cute dogs and writes…

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The Mythical Land of “Ready”

Once upon a time, I believed there was a land of "ready." When I reached this place, I would be transformed. Things I was currently afraid of or felt unprepared for would suddenly be easy. I would handle all those dreaded things with grace and perfectly. When I reached this place, the timing would always…

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