Writing Isn’t Selfish

You are not selfish for working on your book.

I am really tempted to end it there because I think that would be super powerful (and also super true), but I think you probably need a bit more from me than that. 

Look, I get it. I have the same thought myself sometimes. When you sit down to write, you are suddenly assaulted by thoughts of all the other things you should be doing. Like doing the laundry. Or walking your dogs. Or working on something for work. 

That’s all just noise.

Sure, you may need to do all those things, but they can wait. You (hopefully) won’t get attacked by an ant army if you leave the dishes in the sink for an extra hour. What you are doing is really important.

You are writing something that is going to change someone’s life.

Maybe you are writing a non-fiction book that will help someone with their money struggles. Maybe your memoir will make someone feel less alone. Perhaps your romance novel will help someone escape their problems for a few hours.

They are all important.

I know it’s easier to do urgent things with a quick win instead of a long-term project like a book, but the payoff will be worth it.

I promise.

And once more for the people in the back: You are not selfish for working on your book!

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