^That’s me clapping for you because YOU DID IT! YOU WROTE YOUR BOOK!

Now it’s time for that critical next step: EDITING.

Good news. You’re in the right place.

We’ve helped tons of authors perfect their books to rave reviews.


Our editing packages are designed to meet you where you are, based on your draft, word count, and genre.

Here’s how it works when we work together:

  • Step One: We’ll size you up based on your project, word count, and a few other fun Cosmo-quiz style questions.
  • Step Two: You’ll book a chat with our book matchmaker so she can pair you with the best editor for your book. (Walks on the beach and rides off into the sunset are not included.) 
  • Step Three: You make this official with a deposit. You send us your manuscript in a Word doc, and we get to reviewing.
  • Step Four: You’ll get all of your edits delivered as in-line notes and Track Changes in your Word doc. Note: For developmental edits, you’ll also get a video explaining the notes.
  • Step Five: You have the option of hopping on the phone with us to get your questions answered. Nobody is left behind!
  • Step Six: If we’re doing this for more than one edit, then you go off and make any additional changes based on our work and send us the next version back. Rinse and repeat!

Want to work with editors who love pop culture as much as they love the Oxford comma?

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