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You’re still reading this?! You must really want to write your book (or you have a manuscript patiently waiting to be edited). And I understand why. We’ve helped 100+ clients finish their books, so they could….

Our Services

From concept to completion, all the support you need.

Hire the smartest sets of eyes (and brains) around.

Let’s face it: you are meant to be a published author.

You have BIG ideas, incredible STORIES, and a ton of value to share.

All you need to do is buckle down and actually WRITE them all, so you can flash forward to holding your finished manuscript, complete with a title page that reads…


^That’s me clapping for you because YOU DID IT! YOU WROTE YOUR BOOK!

Now it’s time for that critical next step: EDITING.

Good news. You’re in the right place.


Is your idea book-worthy? Take the quiz.

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