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My #1 Summer Book Recommendation

There is only one book on this planet that captures that lazy, magical feeling of summer in your childhood. If you want to experience hardcore nostalgia, pick up Ray Bradbury's Dandelion Wine. Seriously, there isn't anything on earth that feels this much like summer to me. Not even the ice cream truck or LFO's "Summer Girls"…

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Where Set It Up Went Wrong

It was a typical Friday night. I had just gotten back from visiting an Amazon bookstore and a local hot dog place (both of which were extremely overrated and overhyped) with my husband and best friend. Instead of watching another Bravo show, we decided to watch Set It Up. Well, it turns out an upsell…

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How Your Book Boosts Your Brand

I was so, so lucky to get interviewed on Valerie Howard's Brand Ambition podcast. We chatted about how you can incorporate writing into your everyday life and what type of book is the best for your brand. We may also have started talking about our favorite trashy reality shows. If you want to check out…

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When Should I Hire an Editor?

Right now. For once, I am not joking. But what if you are only halfway done? Or you haven't even started yet? Still book an editor right now. Why? 1. You will get your book done. I would never have gotten my last book done if I didn't hire an editor. There is nothing like a…

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How I “Got” My Writing Voice

I am frequently asked about how I got my writing voice for this blog. They tend to ask me how my voice is so different from all the other editors out there or how do I make it so funny and conversational. In particular, people ask how I squeeze so many pop culture references in…

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When Writing Is Like Dating

I was never the type of girl that made a guy wait for me to respond to a text message. I know, I know, this makes me look vaguely pathetic, but I was just never one to play games. If you want to text me, text me. If I want to respond, I will respond. To…

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Celebrate Good Times

Yesterday I finished my book. I know what you are thinking: the book was absolutely perfect. It had the magical word count of 70,000 words, and there wasn't a single typo in sight. All the characters were perfectly developed, and the narrative was tight and moving. Don't make me laugh. (Seriously, you don't want to hear…

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A Writing Lesson from DJs

My best friend got married last weekend, and I have to say: her DJ was lit. Not only did he play Salt-N-Pepa twice, but his transitions were perfect. When Montell sang, "Let's flip the track, bring the old school back," Backstreet Boys' "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" started playing. Something equally genius happened when Miley Cyrus sang,…

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