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Why You Should Write Your Book Now

In graduate school, I met one of the most magical professors. Not only was he a great teacher, but he was a wonderful human. When I took his manuscript class, he was so patient with me as I was nearly in tears as I tackled the challenging of not only translating text from Old English,…

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A Special Invitation

What: A virtual writing retreat! You will have time to write your book and ask me any questions you have. Writer's block doesn't have a chance. I might even give you a few pop culture recommendations if we have time. Who: You (a writer) and me (a writing coach whose clients have been in talks with Netflix and…

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How I Got My Book Idea

Whenever I go to an author talk, someone in the audience inevitably asks, "How did you get your idea for your book?" Well, I don't claim to be cool as Neil Gaiman or Tamora Pierce, but I am going to answer that question anyway. I was walking along a beach in the Hamptons (I understand…

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Self-Care for Writers

Okay, if you have been online for more than five seconds, I am sure you have heard about self-care. I am sure you associate it with taking a break from your office job or parenting (okay, you can stop laughing now). Bubbles baths and scented candles are probably mentioned. I say forget that. Sure, I…

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Listen to the Music

My husband and I are currently watching The Umbrella Academy (so no spoilers, please), and I am loving the show. Yes, there is great character development, and it is often fun to watch superhero movies and shows (not always because Ant-Man exists . . . feel free to come at me if you disagree). But I…

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Special Announcement

As all of you may or may not know, I am writing my own book. If you want to watch my video journey through the process (or watch me analyze pop culture for writing lessons), go to my Facebook page for Facebook lives! I am calling my show Fox on Pop. I am going to…

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