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The Danger of Head-Hopping

You know how Smokey the Bear warns against forest fires? Well, I am going to pull in my dog, Nola Bear, to warn you against head-hopping. What is head-hopping? I am glad you asked!  No, it doesn't involve the Red Queen (fortunately, everyone keeps her head).  It is when you are in a scene and you…

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A Quick Hit of Motivation

Yesterday I was reading the delightful From Twinkle, with Love, and a terrible thought hit me: What if Ms. Menon never wrote this book? The thought broke my heart.  This book was giving me so much joy. I was learning about new female filmmakers and laughing along with Twinkle's mishaps. I adored rooting for her romance and…

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How Editors Read for Fun

The other day, I was Voxing with one of my clients, and she asked me how I read for fun as an editor. It isn't easy. When I am reading a book, even from a traditional publisher, it is hard for me to not notice errors. This is especially true while I am copyediting a book.…

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A Writing Lesson from Japan

It was a Thursday night in Tokyo. I was having a blast at a get-together with a bunch of ex-pats at a bar (the fast bonding that is depicted in Lost in Translation is real), but I was getting tired. I was still a bit jet-lagged (a thirteen-hour time difference is no joke), and my introvert…

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A Writing Lesson from Superstore

I have this habit of watching television during my lunch break (ah, the joys of working from home and for yourself). I just finished Grey's Anatomy (well, the good seasons of the show), and I was desperate to find something new. As I was flipping through Hulu, I saw that Superstore was featured.  Just to…

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