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The Mythical Land of “Ready”

Once upon a time, I believed there was a land of "ready." When I reached this place, I would be transformed. Things I was currently afraid of or felt unprepared for would suddenly be easy. I would handle all those dreaded things with grace and perfectly. When I reached this place, the timing would always…

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Writing Lessons from Project Runway

Right now I am binging on old episodes of Project Runway, and I can't help but apply some of the lessons toward my writing. Without further ado, here are my biggest takeaways. 1. Listen to feedback. Whenever Timm Gunn gives a designer advice, he is usually right. If a designer listens, she is probably safe…

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A Back-to-School Assignment

Call me a nerd (I admit it freely), but one of my favorite things to do as a child was back-to-school shopping. While most of my peers were groaning about heading back into the classroom, I was clicking my heels at the prospect of buying a new Lisa Frank notebook or a Trapper Keeper. (My…

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Yet Another Permission Slip

Tomorrow is an exciting day for me; I am going to a writing retreat in the Hamptons. Am I going to lounge on a private beach? Yes. Am I going to look for Beyonce everywhere? Absolutely. Am I going to work on revising my latest novel? Nope. I am going to pause here until the…

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25 Writing Challenges

Write about an unusual scent. Tell a story about a silent world. Go to an art museum, and write a story about the first painting you see. Create a character about the fifth person you see on the street. Read the dialogue from your latest piece out loud. Write a romance with an ending that…

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