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Sarah saved my memoir! After investing in a "highly recommended" editor who failed to delivered as promised, I wound up with a super messy manuscript, and I was tempted to trash it. I trusted Sarah, and I am so glad I did! With her no nonsense approach and commitment to her craft, I have a book I am proud of. I couldn't be happier, and I can't recommend her enough. For anyone seeking to make the best of their book, I have a word of advice: hire her!
Sarah is a very hands-on editor, which I appreciated as a new writer. She takes the time to explain her comments, highlights lines and sections that she loves, and genuinely cares about helping you write the best book possible. As a writing coach, she has helped me develop my ideas into workable outlines and drafts, and she has given me advice and encouragement where needed. You can tell she really likes working with clients, and it shows in her personal approach and friendly manner. I can’t imagine writing a novel without Sarah in my corner!
Let Sarah do her job! Hiring Sarah was a huge blessing to me and my writing process. After receiving the developmental edits for my manuscript, I can tell you I was taken aback. This was my first book, and I thought I had it all together. Sarah’s questions and attention to detail propelled me into a “writer's mindset” that I was not aware was available to me. Allowing Sarah to guide me through her process and listening to her insights caused me to dig deep and write an incredible body of work that hit #1 within six hours of releasing it. Sarah is honest, keeps her to commitments to timelines, and is an all-around pleasure to work with. If you are looking for a high quality, professional level of support for editing, hire Sarah!
Working with Sarah was a pleasure. I didn't really know what to expect as this was my first time in writing a book. Sarah was calm and very reassuring. Her editing was very thorough, and I loved the way she explained why she amended things or nudged me in the right direction. There were times I felt I didn't know how I was going to ever finish, but she encouraged me and pushed me in a way that stretched me, which helped my writing immensely. I would definitely recommend working with her. She is such a positive influence.
For my first project (a Christian devotional/workbook), I spent a good deal of time online trying to find a young, hip editor with professional experience that was cross-cultural. That was a tall order and not an easy find, as you can imagine! After learning of her background, I knew The Bookish Fox was the coolest name ever AND the right copy editor for me! I found Sarah's feedback to be concise, genuine, and thorough. The comments she provided opened my eyes to needs in my manuscript that I was previously blind to. Communication with Sarah was helpful and scheduling time together was convenient. I am also happy to say that Sarah is as talented as she is cool :). I highly recommend The Bookish Fox and plan to work with her again in the future.
As a newbie to the editing world, I could not have been more grateful for the professionalism and ease in which Sarah introduced me to the world of editing. I worked with her on three pieces of fiction and could not be happier or more grateful for the stunning results. Sarah Fox is an absolute gem, and I loved the instant sense of 'team' she brought to our partnership. Sarah has excellent communication skills, an absolute eye for detail, and an uncanny ability to bring out the best in the writing. She is truly gifted in her field and has helped me to produce stories that are polished and professional. I cannot recommend her highly enough and will definitely be a repeat customer. She is a joy to work with.
Working with Sarah has been one of the best decisions of my writing career thus far. Not only is she incredibly helpful and smart, but she consistently went above and beyond to ensure that our work together remained a possibility. The PROLOGUE package that Sarah offers to her clients is amazing and one of a kind. After spending just a few hours with Sarah on Skype, I managed to plot out my entire novel from start to finish, delve deeper into the backgrounds and motivations of my characters, and create a writing schedule. Our monthly calls with one another have been hugely beneficial in ensuring that I remain on task and reach my writing goals. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone looking to start and complete their writing projects. I’ve not only gained a wonderful writing coach throughout this process, but a friend as well!
Sarah brought up some great questions about my novel that I hadn't thought of but needed serious addressing—and basically ended up shifting my story into something that I feel much more confident about releasing! I couldn't be more grateful for her perspective and thoughts into making it a more believable and thorough story. In the time we've worked together, I've noticed that Sarah can be both detail-oriented and big-picture-focused,showing great passion for editing and even writing. Plus, she's a blast to talk to and just a sweet person! Love working with this woman."
If you want to look and sound professional, legit, and smart, HIRE SARAH FOX to check your copy (self) before you wreck your copy (self)! I hired Sarah under the wire to make sure my course e-book was up to snuff. Sarah came to the rescue and delivered detailed feedback quickly (not to mention, hilariously) to make sure that I was putting my best foot forward and delivering the highest value possible with my course. As a copywriter, typos, grammatical errors, and sentences that feel lofty are bad news for me. But I'm human! Which means sometimes I'll miss mistakes, especially when it's my own work that I'm bored to tears of reading and re-reading. Needless to say, having Sarah to call upon when I need an extra pair of eyes has been invaluable to my business, and I highly recommend working with her if you have the chance. She'll upgrade your writing, save you from the humiliation of glaring English mishaps, and make the entire process fun from start to finish. Thank you, Sarah!
I've needed help with my copy (read typos) for aaaages. And here comes Sarah, surely from the heavens with pixie dust all around her to save the day. She's beyond amazing at creative brainstorming and has helped me shape so, so, so many ideas that were tangled in my head. She’s simply the BEST, and I cannot recommend her highly enough!
I worked with Sarah on both developmental edits and line edits for the second book of my Airwoman series, Spirit Woman. Sarah was a pleasure to work with—she provided me with detailed feedback with an ability to look at the manuscript as a whole and give feedback at the story structure and character level, as well as at the more intricate level of grammar, phrasing and word repetition. Working with Sarah, helped me to improve my story, as well as getting a better appreciation of my own strengths and areas for improvement as a writer. I will certainly seek to work with Sarah again.
Sarah has saved my ass multiple times. Her editing has saved me dozens of hours agonizing over grammar, punctuation, and cohesiveness. Thanks to her superb edits, my products are more effective and professional so I can charge more for them!
I was drowning in words until Sarah edited me back to the shallow end! (Concision is not my strong point.) She's been a HUGE help in teaching me how to write in a more clear, concise, and engaging way. I want Sarah to read every single thing I write before the world sees it! Sessions with Sarah are super fun, and her editorial advice has taken my website copy to a whole new level of clarity, professionalism, and action. Thank you, Sarah!!
Working with Sarah was an absolute delight! I was fortunate to have her expert eyes on my website and opt-in. She zeroed in on areas where I could be more clear and concise and helped me present my work in a way that was cohesive and to the point. With Sarah's insight, I know I am putting my best foot forward in my coaching business.
Efficient. Succinct. Correct. All things I am not—but Sarah is. I like to tell stories, ramble, pretend I have a copious vocabulary of words to choose from when I’m writing words on paper that people will read while they are sitting down and reading things when they want to read words. Sarah makes it sound gooderer. Or really, Sarah makes it short and sweet and easy to absorb. Use Sarah. Your readers will thank you for your betterer writing.
Sarah did a fantastic job editing my fantasy novel. In fact, when I got it back, it was clear she'd gone over and above. As an author, I'm reluctant to hand my hard work over to just anyone, but seeing the notes and comments Sarah sprinkled throughout the book made it clear she's 100% invested in the success of my book. Plus, she responds quickly and even had a call with me to clarify some of my editing questions. It's clear she pours her heart and quality into her work, which means I'll be a repeat customer.
Sarah did a fantastic job editing my manuscript. Her attention to detail and suggestions and tweaks with the wording were spot on. Not only did Sarah complete the editing of my book way ahead of schedule, she went above and beyond with her support after I got the completed work back, answering my many questions. She also helped with Aussie/American cultural differences, providing insight and assistance in translating my Aussie slang!
Working with Sarah to develop a writing habit was a fantastic experience. During our sessions, she gave me practical advice and tips to apply in my writing. Sarah reminded me of helpful practices that I had implemented in the academic world, and she prompted me to use them in my current writing. Sarah is delightful and a lot of fun to work with, so much so that the Skype calls would always seem short. I found her to be relaxed and approachable but also intensely focused and dedicated. I'm grateful for her support, invaluable accountability, incisive observations, and constant encouragement.
Sarah was the best. It was a short window for the deadline, but Sarah was accommodating and understanding (even though I was embarrassed that I’d waited so long to contact her). She explained her editing process and offered to e-mail or Skype me if I had any questions about the changes she suggested in the completed document. Sarah was sweet and personable, which made me feel comfortable working with her. In addition, her comments encouraged me to meet the deadline we’d set. I learned so much about the process of writing and editing while working with Sarah, and I’m looking forward to working with her again.
I needed some fast editing for a super tight deadline. She got back to me in a ridiculously short time with amazing and insightful comments, catching some fuzziness in my writing that should have been glaringly obvious to me (doh!). She helped me clarify the points I was trying to make and got me over that squeamish squiggle you get in your stomach when you send something off to an editor. Sarah was a joy to work with, and I was able to hit publish with confidence that I was sending out my best possible product.
Susan Graham
Sometimes randomly clicking around on the Internet can pay off--like when I found Sarah Fox, the most helpful person ever. If you're reading this, then odds are that you're like me and have a book that you want to be published. Looking for an editor (the right editor) is a daunting task that I somehow lucked out in. Sarah is extremely skilled at her craft, very flexible with her clients' schedule, and always makes sure that she is helping the progression of the work. Her edits have helped me take the rough (and I stress rough) copy of my book and turn it into something to write home about. Not only has she helped me with editing and making sense of my writing, but she also has helped me, a complete newbie to the writing world, find the next steps I should take to get published. I would recommend Sarah to anyone who needs a thorough and invested editor on their team.
Juliana Koontz
I wouldn’t trust anyone but Sarah and Emily to edit my novels, and they have worked on four. I have worked with a number of editors, which is how I know they are the best. Their brilliant and correct edits only improve my books. They are extremely knowledgeable and understanding of many genres, which I require since I write different genres. I sometimes need Sarah to help with ideas, and she always has the answer. I highly recommend both Sarah and Emily, and you’d be making a mistake if you didn’t hire them.
As writers, our manuscripts are so precious to us that it can be intimidating to send our work to an outsider for edits. I admit I was reluctant, but collaborating with The Bookish Fox has been incredibly beneficial. Sarah answered every question I had about the process with professionalism and was able to put my mind at ease. Not only did I get the chance to work with Mikael, an editor who is exceptional and knowledgeable, but I was rewarded with feedback from someone who was genuinely enthusiastic about reading and polishing my manuscript. The edits I received have been informative, and I now feel confident about moving forward in the publishing process.
Tori Youngbauer
As a first-time author, Sarah was everything I needed, everything I didn’t know I needed, and more. When I first hired Sarah, my manuscript was a mess structurally and pacing-wise; my worldbuilding was shaky; and most of my characters were barely distinguishable from each other. Not only did Sarah help me to fix all those problems and more, but she also went the extra mile, giving me resources and recommending books to help me become a better writer in the long run. Sarah is the perfect mix of a no-nonsense attitude and a knowledgeable helping hand when you need it; she is professional and personal at the same time. Not only did she point out things that needed improvement and explain why, she also told me what she loved about my writing and which parts made her laugh. Sarah was very hands on, always more than ready to help if I had a question or needed a second opinion on something. Thanks to Sarah, my manuscript is structurally sound, has a vibrant world, and has characters that come alive on the page. Sarah helped to make my manuscript the best it could be in ways I didn’t know were possible. My manuscript wouldn’t be where it is today without her. If you want someone to edit your manuscript while leaving links to tangentially-related songs in her comments, Sarah is the person for you!
Sydney E. Low
I can't say enough good things about Sarah and The Bookish Fox. My daughter, Elizabeth (17), is working with Sarah to finish her first book. I have been thrilled with how The Bookish Fox is working with us. Elizabeth appreciates how Sarah guides her and gives encouragement. Their patience is remarkable. I will never hesitate to recommend The Bookish Fox to anyone.
Charles Areson
Sarah is so easy and fun to work with! She has a special way of delivering feedback in a way that doesn't make you cringe, and her years of experience and expertise shine through in every comment on the page. Because of Sarah's help, I can feel confident that I'm putting my absolute best work out into the world, and the lessons I've learned from our work together has helped me to become a better writer.
Nicole Lacovoni
I’m being completely honest when I say that I could not have found a better editor than Sarah. My memoir was a total mess, and I was completely lost on how to fix it, but then I found Sarah. She was detail-oriented, honest, and encouraging, and her edits brought my book to such a professional level that I now have something I am SO proud of. Because it mattered to Sarah that my book was well-written, she took the time to clearly explain her edits/comments to me, and she happily answered every question I had, and I had a LOT! I have grown and become a better writer because I worked with Sarah; I cannot recommend her enough!
Jessica Pomeroy
For novice authors who have never been through the process of writing, editing, and publishing a book, the process can be very overwhelming and intimidating. I am so grateful that I was referred to The Bookish Fox for a full manuscript edit of my first book. Not only did Sarah Fox provide a thorough and thoughtful edit of my memoir, but she offered expert advice on things that could make the story better and flow more effectively. Furthermore, and I would say most importantly, the guidance she provided gave me the confidence I needed to proceed down the path that was right for me and my story. There is no question that my memoir is the best it can be after a review and edit by Sarah!
Adam Hill
I would say, without any hesitation, that my experience working with Sarah was life changing. With her help, I was able to publish a book that I’m proud of and truly represents my capabilities as a writer and storyteller. I had been fighting with my dream of writing a memoir and publishing it for years before Sarah gave me the confidence, guidance, and invaluable constructive criticism to be able to reach that dream. She knew just how to balance positive feedback with suggestions for improvement, which were neither too vague nor too specific, and allowed me to keep my self-esteem intact while also recognizing my weaker areas. I know that I’ve learned a great deal throughout the journey, and I’m so glad that I chose Sarah as my editor.
Kate Vredevoogd


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