An Invitation to a Writing Party

Last year, I threw my favorite kind of party: a writing party. 

It was amazing! One person outlined a book in two hours (something she struggled with for over six years!). Another got tons of revisions done in her novel. People made more progress in a few months than they did for decades.

Was it done while staring at a boring blackboard or doing writing exercises in a blue notebook? Heck no!

Sure, there was homework. Like watching Judd Apatow explain how to write comedy.

Sure, we had meeting times. Where we laughed so hard and inspired each other to write.

Sure, we had a digital classroom. Where we shared funny GIFs.

Basically, we achieved our crazy writing goals while having FUN.

So, yes, it was a party. 

Want to join this year? You are totally invited! We are starting on March 1, and I am not sure when I will throw this party again. You can RSVP here.

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