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A Writing Lesson from Cats

Yes, I did it. I saw Cats. Was it horrifying?  Oh, yeah. My friend, upon finishing the film, said, "This was the best horror movie I've seen in years." But it didn't have to be that way. There were some really stunning performances. I legit cried when Jennifer Hudson sang "Memory" (despite the snot running…

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A Writing Lesson from Knives Out

Last weekend I saw one of the best movies I've seen all year: Knives Out. Seriously, go see it. But finish this email. There are no spoilers. I promise. What blew me away about the movie is not a single thing is wasted. Every line has significance for the overall plot. Every action has a purpose.…

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Listen to the Music

My husband and I are currently watching The Umbrella Academy (so no spoilers, please), and I am loving the show. Yes, there is great character development, and it is often fun to watch superhero movies and shows (not always because Ant-Man exists . . . feel free to come at me if you disagree). But I…

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