A Writing Lesson from Hallmark Movies

I am not ashamed to admit it: I love Hallmark Christmas movies.

What’s not to love about a wholesome story that will make you smile?

Sure, sometimes I watch them ironically, but I often watch them with genuine enjoyment. 

It feels so nice to not be cynical for once.

However, there is a major thing that drives me nuts about the films: they always rush the ending.

I am always left with questions. How is the princess and that random dude in New York City going to live together? What about his job? And what happened to her camera that got stolen earlier in the story? 

The films are notoriously bad at leaving loose ends or not committing to a potentially controversial ending. For example, in one film, we are never told if the leading lady chose the guy or her career. 

How am I supposed to live with this uncertainty? 

So, for the love of holly, please take your time with your ending. Don’t rush it. Make sure you have tied up all the loose ends.

And don’t be afraid to take a stand. Write a bold ending. 

I will thank you for it. 

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