Listen to the Music

My husband and I are currently watching The Umbrella Academy (so no spoilers, please), and I am loving the show. Yes, there is great character development, and it is often fun to watch superhero movies and shows (not always because Ant-Man exists . . . feel free to come at me if you disagree). But I really love it because of the music.

Gerard Way is clearly involved in the music choices because they are on point. Whether it is two characters dancing among twinkle lights to “Dancing in the Moonlight” or a kid taking enemies down to “Istanbul,” the show delivers the perfect soundtrack. The music not only is part of the scene, but it totally enhances or contributes to it. 

I think there is so much inspiration to be found in that.

You see, whenever I am stuck in my book, I take a walk and listen to various songs. Inevitably, I will hit upon a song that will solve my problem because it will fit the problem scene perfectly. 

Once I have a soundtrack to the scene, I have my answer. It might be an insight into my character’s psychology. It might be a plot point. It might even just get me pumped to start writing again.

Whatever the answer is, I know a song will have it.

So my challenge to you is to take a walk and listen to music if you are stuck.

Even if you aren’t stuck, make a fun soundtrack for your novel. It will at least get you pumped up (a la Barney in How I Met Your Mother to “You Give Love a Bad Name”). And isn’t that what’s it’s all about? 

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