A Writing Lesson from Cats

Yes, I did it.

I saw Cats.

Was it horrifying? 

Oh, yeah.

My friend, upon finishing the film, said, “This was the best horror movie I’ve seen in years.”

But it didn’t have to be that way.

There were some really stunning performances. I legit cried when Jennifer Hudson sang “Memory” (despite the snot running down her face). I actually thought the sets were fun, and I really love how Ian McKellen really leaned into the role of being a cat. That man embraced it. 

But the darn CGI fur ruined everything.

It’s really sad because I think it would not only not be panned, but I think it could have gotten decent reviews if it weren’t for how creepy the CGI “costumes” were.

Artistic direction matters. Details matter. That’s why developmental editing AND copyediting are so important. The big vision AND the little details can make or break your book.

Need help making sure your direction and details are on track? We are happy to help!

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