Writing Lesson from Spider-Man: Far from Home

A few weeks ago, I saw Spider-Man: Far From Home, and I absolutely loved it.

I mean, I am thinking about going back to the theater and watching it again.

I rarely have this feeling about a movie.

Why did I love it so much?

Was it because of the awesome European locations? The juicy teen drama (something I am always a sucker for)? The great soundtrack? The jokes that had me laughing hysterically?

Of course.

But they all add up to one thing: the creators were having fun. 

And, as a result, I had fun. 

You see, readers/viewers can always sniff out when a writer is having a great time when working on a project. If someone is bored when creating something, the audience will be bored. If the writer hates his work, the reader will hate it.

I can inevitably tell when my clients were bored when writing a certain scene or chapter in their books because I am bored when I read it. Conversely, I can tell when they were having fun because I am absolutely riveted.

How do you make your writing fun when you are bored? 

That’s a great question to ask yourself.

Do you need to add a new character to mix things up? Have a big fight scene? Throw in a dash of romance? Make a funny joke? As long as it fits the narrative, go for it.

Or it could be the way you are writing. Do you need to put on a fun soundtrack? Do you need to change your environment? Do you need a break from the project and work on something new (but be sure to put a deadline on it)? 

The point is that writing is supposed to be fun. If you have a blast, I promise your reader will too. 

Need help injecting fun in your writing? 
I will help you bring the party back. 

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