A Writing Lesson from Andrew Lloyd Webber

As a child, Andrew Lloyd Webber was my jam. As in, when my computer teacher asked us to make a PowerPoint presentation, I did mine on him. Instead of presenting on OutKast or Dave Matthews Band like a normal person.

I remember as a kid pulling on my dad’s flaking earphones (that engulfed my head) and listening to “I am the Starlight” and “Any Dream Will Do” on repeat. 

Whenever I hear those songs, I am instantly transported back to those childhood days.

Even more importantly, I want to create.

I don’t know what it is about nostalgia, but it always makes me want to write something that will make others feel the way I do when I revisit art from my childhood.

Maybe that is why I write young adult novels.

My challenge to you is to revisit something from your childhood. It can be anything: a song, a book, a movie, or even a commercial. 

Notice how you feel. Do you want to create this feeling for someone else?

If so, go out there and do it. Make a book that will transport someone in the future to the past.

No DeLorean required.  

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