My (First) Writing Lesson from Japan

Where in the world have I been the last two weeks?

I was in Japan! (Unlike Carmen Sandiego, I was unfortunately not wearing a red fedora.)

While I have tons of great writing lessons for you, I decided to just give you one today. (Okay, okay, my jet lag has told me that I should take it easy and just give you one today.)

While I was away, I was totally disconnected from the internet. I had no Facebook, email, or the billion other social media apps that are out there. Instead, all I had was the present moment. Instead of looking at my favorite celebrity’s Instagram (email me if you can guess which one is my fave) or reading tweets from my favorite writers, I was completely in the moment. I was fully present at karaoke with a bunch of expats in Tokyo. I wasn’t worried about email as I wandered amongst the deer at Nara. I could really take in the beauty of the shrines and gardens in Kyoto.

As a result, my head cleared. And I got a billion new ideas. It felt like my muse was with me always.

Did it help to be in an exciting new environment?

Of course.

But I wouldn’t have been able to do that if I were glued to my phone.

My challenge to you is this: go without your phone for a bit. Maybe you can’t take a whole day or weekend (which I recommend), but at least try it for a few hours. Be really present. You might be surprised at what ideas pop up when you aren’t stalking your ex on Facebook.

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