How to Keep Your Writing Resolutions

You know what breaks my heart? 

When I follow up with someone who told me they want to write a book, but they still haven’t made any progress.

And it’s over a year later.

These are usually people who want to work with me but tell me they will “next quarter” or “they aren’t ready yet.” 

Don’t be one of these people.

I am not saying you have to work with me (even though I personally think it is the best idea ever), but you do have to make a change in order to actually write a book this year (instead of letting it collect virtual dust on your laptop).

What can this look like exactly?

Putting writing dates on your calendar and actually keeping them.

It can be having a friend keep you accountable.

You can join a writer’s group.

It may mean just finally making a commitment to yourself and your book and taking it seriously.

Whatever you do, actually take steps to make your writing dreams come true. This often means change and work. Don’t expect a book to get done simply by wishing it so or claiming it’s your resolution.

Do something about it so you aren’t still stuck at 3,000 words in your manuscript this time next year.

Happy New Year! May your writing dreams actually come true this year.

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