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My Writing Love Triangle

So I have a new idea for a book. Or maybe a series of books. I am not sure if it should be one of those books with several storylines (i.e. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) or four books with related characters (i.e. Anna and the French Kiss, Lola and the Boy Next Door, and Isla and the Happily Ever After). I am really excited about the idea since it has all my favorite things: mythology, teen romance, and some major girl power.

This sounds like the kind of thing that should cause me to blast Katrina and the Waves’ “Walking on Sunshine” and dance around like Jack Black in High Fidelity.  

The problem?

I already am working on a book. One that has occupied my brain for over the past year. It is also full of my favorite things: fun fashion, teen drama, and start-up satire. 

I feel like Seth Cohen in the first season of the OC. Do I pick Summer (the novel I am working on) or Anna (the new novel)? 

It is a tough choice.  The new idea is exciting. Fresh and full of possibility. Free from any errors or disappointed expectations. I have yet to experience the feeling that comes with every book: the draft does not match my visions for the book (it is kind of the like “the reality vs expectations” scene in 500 Days of Summer). Yet there is something to be said about loyalty. After all, no books get written if every writer abandoned them for the newest, flashiest ideas. 

I am a faithful woman, so I am sticking with my original novel. I love the characters too much to leave them. Besides, I already written so many words. It would be foolish for me to throw that away.

As for the other idea, I am definitely writing it down. I am also sure that I will be still scribbling down ideas for that novel in my notebook at random points throughout the day. The best part? I will be immediately ready to write that book once I complete my current one. No writer’s block is a definite win.

Like Summer and Seth, I imagine a happily-ever-after for us.

Stuck in a love triangle with two book ideas? Not sure which one to pick? Book a Novel Idea hour call with me here

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