The #1 Belief That Holds Writers Back

I heard a (true) story of a guy who wanted to be a writer. More than anything. It was his dream to see his work in print, but he was scared to show it to barely anyone. Those few people that he did entrust with his book didn’t receive it over email. Oh no, someone might steal it that way. He gave them a hard copy of his book because he was afraid someone might steal it.

A friend of mine is stuck on her book because she is afraid it is terrible. If she shows it to the world, her book might get bad reviews. Her beautiful book will be trashed, and her dream of being a writer would be destroyed.

What do both of these writers believe that is holding them back?

There isn’t more from where that came from.

I get it. It would be terrible if someone stole my book ideas or trashed one of my books.

But you know what?

I would be able to write another.

There is more where that came from.

Someone steals my idea?

I will cry and binge a ton of Gilmore Girls and Dawson’s Creek. I will probably contact my lawyer.

Then I will write another book.

My books gets savaged by reviewers?

I will cry and binge a ton of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Grey’s Anatomy. I will not call my lawyer, but I will call my best friend.

Then I will write another book.

You are not your most recent book. You are you, and you happen to be someone with tons of ideas and books. So go out and write yours.  

Want more confidence than Sasha Fierce. Work with me, and I will have you writing your book. And the next one.

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