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The Danger of Head-Hopping

You know how Smokey the Bear warns against forest fires? Well, I am going to pull in my dog, Nola Bear, to warn you against head-hopping. What is head-hopping? I am glad you asked!  No, it doesn't involve the Red Queen (fortunately, everyone keeps her head).  It is when you are in a scene and you…

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Holiday Gifts for You

The holidays are here, and my family and I have had latkes and decorated the Christmas tree. I have already started mocking cheesy Christmas films with my friends (more on that in another post), and my Pandora is Christmas all the time. Since I am in the holiday spirit, I decided to create gifts for YOU.…

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When Should I Hire an Editor?

Right now. For once, I am not joking. But what if you are only halfway done? Or you haven't even started yet? Still book an editor right now. Why? 1. You will get your book done. I would never have gotten my last book done if I didn't hire an editor. There is nothing like a…

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When Writing Is Like Dating

I was never the type of girl that made a guy wait for me to respond to a text message. I know, I know, this makes me look vaguely pathetic, but I was just never one to play games. If you want to text me, text me. If I want to respond, I will respond. To…

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