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How an Editor Receives Edits

The other day, I received my edits from my editor (yes, everyone needs editors, even editors). I saw her email, and I immediately got sweaty palms like I was at a middle school dance, waiting for that pimply boy to ask me to sway along to Backstreet Boys with him. I think my heart will pound…

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The #1 Thing Writers Fear

Wonder what it is like to live a day in the life of an editor? Curious about what I frequently hear? Well, I'm going to step out from behind my curtain and tell all."I am so afraid I'm going to have to change something.""I really don't feel like doing work after I've spent so much…

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The Danger of Head-Hopping

You know how Smokey the Bear warns against forest fires? Well, I am going to pull in my dog, Nola Bear, to warn you against head-hopping. What is head-hopping? I am glad you asked!  No, it doesn't involve the Red Queen (fortunately, everyone keeps her head).  It is when you are in a scene and you…

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Holiday Gifts for You

The holidays are here, and my family and I have had latkes and decorated the Christmas tree. I have already started mocking cheesy Christmas films with my friends (more on that in another post), and my Pandora is Christmas all the time. Since I am in the holiday spirit, I decided to create gifts for YOU.…

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When Should I Hire an Editor?

Right now. For once, I am not joking. But what if you are only halfway done? Or you haven't even started yet? Still book an editor right now. Why? 1. You will get your book done. I would never have gotten my last book done if I didn't hire an editor. There is nothing like a…

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When Writing Is Like Dating

I was never the type of girl that made a guy wait for me to respond to a text message. I know, I know, this makes me look vaguely pathetic, but I was just never one to play games. If you want to text me, text me. If I want to respond, I will respond. To…

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