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How Books Are Time Machines

When I was in Japan, staring out the window of a bullet train as Miyazaki-esque houses flew by, I listened to "The Passenger" by Iggy Pop on repeat. I am not sure why I chose that song to listen to obsessively. Maybe because the title was on the nose. Maybe because I love rock. Maybe because…

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A Writing Lesson from This Is 40

I adore Judd Apatow. Ever since I saw Freaks and Geeks, I have wanted to hang a poster of him in my office as a source of inspiration (don't worry; I won't build a shrine a la Helga in Hey Arnold!). I think he is funny, brilliant, and interesting. He creates characters that are complex, flawed, and…

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How Your Book Boosts Your Brand

I was so, so lucky to get interviewed on Valerie Howard's Brand Ambition podcast. We chatted about how you can incorporate writing into your everyday life and what type of book is the best for your brand. We may also have started talking about our favorite trashy reality shows. If you want to check out…

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Celebrate Good Times

Yesterday I finished my book. I know what you are thinking: the book was absolutely perfect. It had the magical word count of 70,000 words, and there wasn't a single typo in sight. All the characters were perfectly developed, and the narrative was tight and moving. Don't make me laugh. (Seriously, you don't want to hear…

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Meet the Team

David Bowie's "Changes" have been the theme song for The Bookish Fox lately. Not only our we getting a new website (coming to you on May 4), we are now an editorial agency. I am no longer a lone fox, but I have a team of awesome copyeditors hanging out with me in my den.…

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Three Ways to Title Your Book

Naming a book is harder than getting tickets to Hamilton. Not only does it have to sound good, but it has to actually, you know, be relevant to your book. When I am trying to give my book a title, I fantasize about cooking for Gordon Ramsey instead. I don't know how to cook. I forget…

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