A Note from the Trenches

So, as some of you might know, I’m currently revising my own book for querying. I am knee-deep in it. I’m going to be querying it in April so I’m at the “think about it so much that I dream about it” stage. 

As an editor, you think that the revision process would be easier for me.

Let me put down my water so I don’t have a spit take.

Look, revision might be easy for some magical unicorns in human form, but it is hard for a lot of us. It’s really, really messy. You know how when you clean out a closet or a room of your house (or Hobbit-hole, depending on who you are), it seems like you made things way worse and there is no end in sight? But, after a bit of organizing, you do make things better, and you can find your favorite sweater or One Ring to Rule Them All?

Yeah, revision is like that.

One thing that really helps is making a revision schedule. I’ve been breaking mine down into several categories: new chapters/scenes, scenes that need major revisions, and scenes that need minor revisions. 

I’ve put all of them into a calendar with assigned dates and left myself some time to read over the book again to clean it up (i.e. add transitions or catch typos). 

By doing this, I’ve been able to stay on track with my schedule and not feel like I’m going to be eaten alive by mismatched metaphors (which are easier to tackle than those socks who are missing a mate). 

Are you looking for an editor that understands the revision process from the writer’s POV? We are your gals.

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