Holiday Gifts for You

The holidays are here, and my family and I have had latkes and decorated the Christmas tree. I have already started mocking cheesy Christmas films with my friends (more on that in another post), and my Pandora is Christmas all the time.

Since I am in the holiday spirit, I decided to create gifts for YOU. As a token of my appreciation for you hanging out with me all year, we are giving you two AMAZING holiday presents (sorry, we aren’t offering Red Ryder rifles; you will shoot your eye out).

1) If you hire us to edit your book between now and 2019, I will gift you a free call with me to set your writing goals and schedule for the new year (a $197 value). I will even throw in a music playlist so you can jam as you write. If you want to jump on this (like Van Halen), then go here.

2) I am discounting my consulting calls from $197 to $47. That’s $150 off! This is a great opportunity to bust a writing block, develop a writing schedule, or get your publishing questions answered. This also makes a great holiday present for your writer friends. Who really needs another candle or hand lotion (it only makes me think of Silence of the Lambs)? If you want to chat with me about your writing career (and maybe your favorite reality show), contact us at support@thebookishfox, and we will hook you up. There may also be another writing playlist involved. (I really want to share my music tastes with the world. Everyone loves Nickelback, right? Don’t worry; I am kidding.)

Happy holidays to you and yours! May you have lots of hot cocoa and warm lights.

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