Why You Need to Write Your Book Now

Last week, for the first time in forever, I got to go to a local art gallery. I saw the most incredible things: a sculpture where it only looks a man is being carried if you look at the shadow it cast on the wall, a watercolor that I stared at for literally fifteen minutes because it made me feel something (I’m not sure what, but it brought me close to tears), and a dinosaur that made me laugh because it was created by kids (it was SO good).

I also noticed something else: a lot of art was there to bring joy to people outside of the gallery. For example, there was a gorgeous silk scarf a woman made that might bring courage to someone before going on a date (or at least get her a bunch of compliments before then). I gazed at colorful dishes with little fish at the bottom that might brighten someone’s meal (and bad day). The paintings lining the walls might adorn someone’s first apartment. 

Basically, like love in Love Actually, beauty is everywhere. 

And I’m so, so grateful for the artists for creating it. It was truly a privilege to be able to personally thank them for bringing me a lot of joy to my day. 

You know what? Books are art. And they aren’t limited to be viewed and sold through your gallery. When I look back on my life, books are what helped me through it. 

I got to crawl through a wardrobe to Narnia when I was teased as a kid. Heaven knows slipping away to Italy or Oxford through words on the page helped me through the pandemic.

And I would love to read your book now. While the sun is shining and I’m able to hug my loved ones. 

Because you can never get too much beauty; it builds on itself. 

So please, please pull out that Word document that is collecting digital dust and finish it. Or bravely face the blank page and write your book. 

Share your beauty with us. 

I literally can’t wait. 

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