You’re no fool.

You’re a smart little cookie with BIG ideas.

The kind of ideas that sell books.

So maybe you like a book here and there. Who doesn’t?

But the thing is, your “liking” goes deeper than a quick flick on a Facebook status.

You’re more than a casual consumer of books. You’re different. Because you’re itching to actually create your own.

You’re the one that walks into a bookstore, checks out the recent arrivals and thinks:

• "I thought of that one"
• "I should have thought of that one"
• "I could do better than that one..."

And you’re NOT wrong.

After all, you’ve read them all. You know what’s out there. Which is exactly why you know that what’s in your brain could be a giant, worldwide sensation.

You’ve got what it takes!

But the problem is this… going from concept to completion. 

From the INKLING of an idea to the whole thing INKED on paper. That’s another story.

Because writing is HARD. It’s lonely. It’s unnerving.

Have you seen The Shining? Yeah…

Books aren’t exactly a cakewalk. (I should know, I’ve written a few of my own.)

So I also know what it’s like to think about a book but not actually write it. It sucks. And it kinda makes your ears burn when you hear that yet another writer has made the bestseller lists. Because you’re all… Well maybe MINE would do that also, IF it wasn’t still hanging out in my head! (True story.)

Yep. Been there. It’s not a fun place to hang out, and I don’t recommend it.

What I do recommend is this: Believe in your book! Write the damn thing. The world needs your talent. It’s not impossible. And I can help.

Most of my clients come to me because they’ve known for a long time that they had a book in them, maybe even more than one. And most of them think that they can’t do it.

But they’re all wrong in that department, because they all can and do, with flying colors.(And my red pen is only one of them.) That’s how I know that YOU CAN write yours too.

And who am I, you might ask?

I’m Jean Valijean.

Just kidding.

I’m Sarah Fox- author, writer, novelist, book development babe, copy editor, and writing coach - and I’m here to help you finally write that novel you’ve been thinking about since… wait, how long has it been? Forever? Yeah, like the Judy Blume book but with a whole lot less action. So let’s fix that.

My curriculum vitae, if you will.

After working as a writing consultant for 3 years and an editor for 11, I’ve zeroed in on exactly what it takes to kick writer’s block in the face and become not only prolific, but efficient with writing. I also have a Master’s Degree in English Medieval Lit with a minor in Classics, which means I’m fluent in a lot of “dead languages,” like Old English. It’s how I was able to publish an edition of Shakespeare’s Measure by Measure without throwing in the towel after the fifteenth “‘twas.” Other highlights from my career include leaving academia after teaching English for a few years, volunteering at a hip hop journal (where I annotated an entire bibliography on Chuck Brown - you’re welcome), writing FOUR novels, and editing literary journals for almost every school I’ve ever attended. But my big claim to fame has been helping football players stop whining about thesis papers and actually get pumped about Oscar Wilde. Yup… That happened.

In other words, I go through manuscripts the way Kim Kardashian goes through husbands and now I’m going to share my secrets with you. My approach goes so much farther than simply sitting by the sidelines cheering you on. When you work with me, you get a partner who will read every single word you put on paper and provide detailed feedback with precision and care.

Because books are my bag, baby.

The truth of the matter: They’re yours too.

Let’s get your book big, worldwide sensation started.