20 Challenges That Will Make You a Better Writer

1. Read a book written by someone who is different from you.
2. Analyze the lyrics to your favorite song.
3. Write for 100 days straight.
4. Familiarize yourself with The Chicago Manual of Style.
5. Sign up for The Hot Sheet
6. Hire an editor. 
7. Read poetry for a month.
8. Talk to a stranger in line and make him or her your next character.
9. Make an author website.
10. Take a Masterclass. I recommend Neil Gaiman and Shonda Rhimes’s classes.
11. Create a writing schedule and stick to it.
12. Resurrect a book you wrote when you were younger. (Zombies are cool, I promise.)
13. Watch and analyze television shows.
14. Go on a social media fast. 
15. Travel somewhere new.
16. Write in a new genre or format.
17. Watch a stand-up routine and analyze the jokes.
18. Beta read a book for a friend.
19. Read/watch interviews with your favorite writers,
20. Take a class in something new (i.e. pottery, dancing, etc.).

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