Yet Another Permission Slip

Tomorrow is an exciting day for me; I am going to a writing retreat in the Hamptons.

Am I going to lounge on a private beach?


Am I going to look for Beyonce everywhere?


Am I going to work on revising my latest novel?


I am going to pause here until the noise of the record scratching stops.

I am going to write a romance novella for a contest.

Do I feel like I am neglecting my other book?

Absolutely not.

Is it because there is a cash prize?

A little bit.

Still, I know I need a break from the book and revisions. I want to just play and have fun with my writing without the pressure of getting an agent so I can become the next Rainbow Rowell (hit reply and let me know if you are excited about Wayward Son).

Because writing is supposed to be fun. (Important note: It is not supposed to be fun all the time. It is still work. You are not doing it wrong if it is sometimes difficult and you want to throw your laptop against the wall.)

Do you want to write a fantasy novel when you are currently writing a thriller?

Go for it.

Dying to tackle a mystery when you are in the middle of your memoir?

Give it a shot.

Just remember to go back to your original project. Sooner rather than later. (Seriously, give yourself a deadline for your return if you have to.)

Once I get back from the beach (with lots of sand in my suitcase), I plan to go back to my novel. Because I know I am going to miss it. (Distance makes the heart grow fonder, right?)

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