The Mythical Land of “Ready”

Once upon a time, I believed there was a land of “ready.” When I reached this place, I would be transformed. Things I was currently afraid of or felt unprepared for would suddenly be easy. I would handle all those dreaded things with grace and perfectly. When I reached this place, the timing would always be ideal. All the stars would align, the angels would sing, and I would have no obstacles to achieving my goals.

The only problem? I didn’t know how to get to this land. I knew a car couldn’t get me there, and there weren’t any plane or train tickets for it. It was never a location on a cruise.

Want to know why?

Because it doesn’t exist.

Look, in life, we are never “ready” for things. I didn’t feel ready for college. I didn’t feel ready when I quit my job to start this business. I didn’t feel ready when I bought my first house.

Did this mean I rushed things or made a bad decision?

Heck no!

I am so, so glad I took a leap of faith because those decisions made me who I am today. I would not be living my best life if I didn’t make them.

Are you nervous about writing your novel? Do you feel like it isn’t the right time to hire a writing coach?  Do you feel like you need to revise your book one more time before you hire an editor? Do you chew your fingernails at the thought of sending your manuscript to an agent?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, it doesn’t mean you aren’t ready. In fact, your fears means you are invested. Which is why you should do it now.

Not to be morbid or cliche, but tomorrow is not a promise. To paraphrase a ton of Pitbull songs, you’ve got to live now.

By taking action today, you will realize you won’t need a ticket to get to a land where you are ready. Because you already are. In your own world.

Aren’t you glad you no longer have to save money for a plane ticket there?

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