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101 Ideas To Get Inspired

1. Fly a kite.

2. Explore your neighborhood.

3. Cook a new dish.

4. Have a dance party.

5. Try on a new outfit.

6. Buy a new pen.

7. Read a book in a different genre.

8. Flip through a magazine.

9. Talk to a friend.

10. Walk your dog.

11. Travel to somewhere new.

12. Wander a bookstore or a library.

13. Listen to a new song.

14. Go to the movies.

15. Binge watch a new TV show.

16. Visit an art gallery.

17. Learn a new language.

18. Try a new hairstyle.

19. Take a class on CreativeLive.

20. Read a blog.

21. Scroll through Pinterest.

22. Go to a play.

23. Read a children’s book.

24. Take a hike.

25. Walk along a beach.

26. Wander through the woods.

27. Take the train or public transportation.

28. People watch.

29. Go on a picnic.

30. Visit your old school.

31. Flip through your yearbook.

32. Watch a movie you haven’t seen in years.

33. Window shop.

34. People watch.

35. Free write in your journal.

36. Color in a coloring book.

37. Make a collage.

38. Drink a new flavor of coffee.

39. Visit a new bar or pub.

40. Take photographs.

41. Get a manicure.

42. Try on new makeup.

43. Clean your house.

44. Travel to a new country.

45. Paint with watercolors.

46. Blog about something completely different.

47. Plan a party.

48. Attend a party.

49. Go to the zoo.

50. Volunteer for a cause you are passionate about.

51. Write a handwritten letter to a friend.

52. Hug someone you love.

53. Go to a spa.

54. Climb a tree.

55. Ice skate. 

56. Play a sport.

57. Go bowling.

58. Play paint ball.

59. Revisit laser tag.

60. Enjoy a round of put-put golf.

61. Play a new board game. 

62. Have a BBQ.

63. Watch a sports game.

64. Turn off your computer for a whole day.

65. Separate from your phone for several hours. 

66. Go see a live comedy show.

67. Take an improv class.

68. Go to a concert.

69. Learn ballet.

70. Meditate.

71. Try some new yoga poses.

72. Play with your cat.

73. Go to the aquarium.

74. Visit a vineyard.

75. Take a ghost tour.

76. Try on shoes.

77. Take a shower or bath.

78. Go to a book reading.

79. Join a book club.

80. Play pub trivia.

81. Go to a film festival.

82. Enjoy the fair.

83. Pick apples or fruit.

84. Swing on a swing set.

85. Crochet or knit.

86. Do a favor for a friend.

87. Perform a random act of kindness.

88. Go grocery shopping.

89. Wander around a farmer’s market.

90. Write a love letter.

91. Drink a pina colada. 

92. Tango in the rain.

93. Watch the sun set or rise.

94. Take a nap.

95. Try on a new perfume.

96. Buy yourself flowers or pick them from a field.

97. Buy someone you love a gift.

98. Bake cupcakes.

99. Sit under a tree.

100. Go for a run.

101. Gaze at a city skyline. 

Still stuck? Need more than an idea? Let’s work together to bust through the block.

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