An Unexpected Writing Resource

Sometimes the internet is a dark place.

A really, really dark place.

But I’ve found a bright spot of sunshine. It’s called I’ve Pet That Dog.

What is this magic place of puppies and happiness? It is a Twitter account run by a young man named Gideon who takes pictures of cute dogs and writes up a little bio about them.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, I want to spread the joy, but, beyond that, it is an AMAZING resource for writers.


Gideon is a master of short writing. He tells a whole story about a dog in the space of a tweet. You not only get a tale (such as the recent Great¬†Barbie Massacre), but you really get a sense of the dog’s personality with a few key details. For example, Scout greets visitors with a shoe in her mouth. That tells the reader so much. She not only is friendly, but she is generous. And her particular form of generosity involves footwear. It also speaks to the caregiver’s lax attitude about the state of what goes on their feet.

So if you need some tips on conveying character in a few details or writing a short story, visit Gideon’s page. Or just mosey on over if you need a smile.

Want a writing coach that will send you corgi pictures? I am happy to help.

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