A Writing Lesson from the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Right now I am seriously obsessed. As in listen to “Be My Baby” on repeat and write our names together in a notebook.

What has brought on these feelings?

A person? 


A Corgi?

Not this time.

It’s a show called Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. (Yes, I know I am late to the party. But I would like to think that I am fashionably late.)

It’s pretty bewitching (I am sorry; I couldn’t help myself).

No, it’s not just because Richard Coyle is in it (even though it is a definite plus). 

I believe what really makes the show so magical is the juxtaposition of the evil of the Dark Lord and the wholesomeness of the high school storyline. 

Sabrina has to deal with demons and black masses, but she also squeals when Harvey kisses her and helps her woke friends fight book banning in her school.

It is the unexpected contrast that makes the show so delightful.

My challenge to you is to think of ways you can bring unexpected elements together in your own book. Does your character love to wear pink shirts with rainbow kittens on them, but she is secretly a cannibal? Do you have a love story with cynical, deadpan characters? Do you create a magic system that is dependent on knowledge of the periodic table? 

The possibilities are endless.

And that thoughts gives me chills. 

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