50 Writing Dares

I don’t know about you, but I am more likely to do something if I am dared to do it. Just like the kid with the weird hat in The Christmas Story, I would probably stick my tongue on a frozen pole if I were dared to do it (especially if it were a triple-dog dare). If you need a bit of motivation to write, here are 50 writing dares. Feel free to write them down on pieces of paper, put them in a jar, and pull them at random if you need a new dare for the day.

1. Write for fifteen minutes.

2. Write in a cafe.

3. Write wearing a funny (or your favorite) hat.

4. Write with a friend.

5. Write on a plane, train, or bus.

6. Write in a hotel lobby.

7. Write 3,000 words.

8. Write for half a day.

9. Go on a writing retreat.

10. Write in a different genre.

11. Write in a different form (i.e. poetry, novel, etc.).

12. Write for an hour.

13. Write every day for a month.

14. Write to music.

15. Write in silence.

16. Write in your local library.

17. Write all day.

18. Write by hand.

19. Write in a beautiful journal.

20. Write while eating your favorite snack.

21. Write outside.

22. Write 1,000 words.

23. Write without thinking (aka freewriting) for a half hour.

24. Write in the morning.

25. Write at night.

26. Write for five minutes.

27. Write 100 words.

28. Write at a park. 

29. Write for two hours.

30. Write while wearing fancy clothes.

31. Write while wearing your PJs.

32. Race your friend with writing (who can write the most in an hour).

33. Make a writing goal and announce it to the world.

34. Outline a book or story.

35. Make one character sketch.

36. Research your book for ten minutes (put on a timer).

37. Write using Write or Die

38. Finish a piece you abandoned.

39. Write wearing your favorite makeup or cologne.

40. Write 5,000 words.

41. Write something based on a writing prompt.

42. Write with a fancy pen.

43. Write for three hours.

44. Write while sipping your favorite beverage.

45. Write while wearing fuzzy socks.

46. Write until you finish a whole bottle of water (no cheating by chugging it).

47. Write using Pomodoro.

48. Try to write in your favorite author’s style.

49. Write without looking at your computer screen. 

50. Write 10,000 words.

What is your favorite dare? Tell me in the comments below!