20 Ways to Get Inspiration This Summer

1. Get a cone from an ice cream truck.
2. Listen to songs from your childhood.
3. Blow bubbles.
4. Stare at clouds while you lie in a grassy field.
5. Read a picture book.
6. Draw a monster on the sidewalk with chalk.
7. Go to the pool, and get a soda from a vending machine.
8. Fly a kite.
9. Go on a picnic.
10. Take a trip to the beach or the lake.
11. Spend a day at the library.
12. Go to the movies, and get the largest popcorn bin possible.
13. Drink lemonade with a crazy straw.
14. Watch fireworks.
15. Go sailing or boating.
16. Do a summer reading challenge.
17. Binge watch a new television show. (I recommend Younger and The Bold Type.)
18. Color in a coloring book. (Bonus points if it is a pop culture one.)
19. Give yourself a makeover. (Better yet, call the guys from Queer Eye.)
20. Try a new recipe.

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