#1 Way to Guarantee Your Book Won’t Get Done

Do you want to know how I know someone will never finish her book? 

She tells me, “I am going to write it next quarter.”


“I will write when I have more time.”


“I am not ready quite yet.”


“I will write when the stars perfectly aligned.”

Whenever people tell me these things, I follow up with them throughout the years, and the book never gets done.


Because there is never a perfect time. All those excuses are just resistance and fear. 

If you want your book to be finished, you have to commit to writing it. Right now.

 Not because I said so, but because the world needs your book.  

Your idea is so much bigger than just an idea. It’s your calling. It’s your gift to the world. It’spart of your legacy, but the only one who can make the time to sit down and write it is YOU.  

A lot of pressure, huh?  

Don’t worry; I have a way to make it a bit easier.

I started my One Line at a Time writing group so I won’t keep hearing how people STILL haven’t written their book (more than a year later). I have purposely included writing calls so you actually take the time to put your hands on the keyboard and write. (But not before we bust through blocks and have a fun dance party. I am talking 1990s’ beats.) 

Are you ready to take the plunge and commit to your book (and calling)?

Please say yes. 

Because I really, really, really want to read your book.

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