50 Truths About Writing

Last week, I gave you 50 writing dares. In the spirit of Truth or Dare, I am going to give you 50 truths about writing this week.

1. Writing is hard. 

2. Writing is really, really hard.

3. Writing is really, really, really hard.

4. You are going to hate your first draft. That’s okay. 

5. You are going to have more drafts than you expect.

6. Similarly, editing will take longer than you expect.

7. Basically, everything will take longer than you expect.

8. Research is a black hole that can prevent you from writing.

9. The internet is a giant distraction when you are writing.

10. You probably don’t need that adjective.

11. Show; don’t tell.

12. Get rid of that adverb. Seriously. Right now.

13. Your reader doesn’t find that long description as interesting as you do.

14. If you need a family tree or appendix to explain something, you are doing it wrong.

15. Nix the prologue.

16. Nix the epilogue.

17. Give yourself a few months before you edit your finished draft.

18. You can write more than you would believe in fifteen minutes.

19. All writers experience self-doubt.

20. You need to make time for writing to have time for it.

21. To be a good writer, you need to read voraciously.

22. Whether you are self-publishing or traditionally publishing, you need a large platform.

23. You are a better writer than you think.

24. There is nothing new under the sun. That is okay. Your book will be different because you wrote it.

25. Plagiarism is never a good idea.

26. Eavesdrop to learn better dialogue.

27. If you are writing about a character that is different from yourself, you should ask someone like your character to read your book.

28. Take all criticism with a grain of salt.

29. If you keep getting the same piece of constructive criticism, it probably means you need to change it.

30. You know your book best.

31. Your book is not you.

32. Similarly, your worth is not determined by your book.

33. Your book is your legacy.

34. Your book deserves your best effort.

35. Write when you are most energetic.

36. Writing is always better with a pet cuddling you.

37. Coffee/caffeine is always a good idea with your writing.

38. A good cover for your book is necessary. 

39. Don’t edit as you write. Wait until the end.

40. A terrible, finished book is better than an unfinished one.

41. Inspiration is found away from the computer. 

42. You become a better writer by analyzing other writers’ works. 

43. A book club can make you a better writer.

44. Become an expert in your genre by reading in it widely.

45. Do writing exercises in areas you are weak in (i.e. description or dialogue). 

46. “Said” is always best. Forget things like “mumbled” or “sighed.”

47. The Oxford comma is your best friend. (Yes, Vampire Weekend, I care.)

48. Your book is worth sharing.

49. You cannot please everyone with your writing.

50. A good editor is priceless.

What are your favorite writing truths? Let me know in the comments below!

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