13 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Editor

So you have been thinking about hiring an editor, but you are on the fence. Here are 13 reasons why you should hop on the side of hiring one.

1. You are sick of asking your friends and family to look at your writing.

2. You are really sick of asking your friends and family why the haven’t look at your writing yet.

3. You need a deadline to get your book done. There is nothing like knowing an editor is waiting for your book to get it done. 

4. You don’t want to send an agent or self-publish a book riddled with typos and grammatical errors.

5. You want to have well-developed characters.

6. You don’t want to have plot holes in your book.

7. You number one goal in life is to avoid one-star reviews, especially the ones that say the writing was unreadable because of errors.  

8. You yearn for someone on your team that is just as invested in your book as you are.

9.  You need to make sure your book has good pacing. 

10. You really wish someone could help you make your writing more concise.

11. You crave a list of resources (i.e. agents, book cover designers, etc.). 

12.  You know you need to learn how to be a better writer, and you know good feedback will help you achieve that. 

13. You want your writing to be the best it can be. 

Ready to hire an editor? Let’s work together!

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