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13 Ways to Market Your Book

Authors alway struggle with marketing their novels. When writers imagine selling their work, they have images of Big Tan Teague from O Brother, Where Art Thou? It doesn’t have to be that way! I have compiled 13 ways to market your book without feeling like a gross cyclops. 

1. Tell your loved ones about it in person. You would be surprised how something so casual could be so effective. I have booked many clients this way!

2. Pitch yourself to podcasts or interviews.

3. Make bookmarks with your book info on it and give it to people.

4. Post about it on your personal Facebook page. Who knows? Your ex might buy a copy.

5. Create a really fun book trailer for it.

6. Rent a booth at a conference to sell your book.

7. Ask a local bookstore if you could give a talk and do a signing.

8. Craft pretty quote pictures with quotes from your book. Post the images on Instagram and Pinterest.

9. Periscope or Facebook live stream discussions of your book.

10. Make Pinterest boards for your characters. Examples could be style boards for your characters or their favorite recipe.s

11. Blog about the behind-the-scenes process on your blog.

12. Run a blog tour for your book. 

13. Guest post for relevant blogs and sites. Interested in writing for The Bookish Fox? Contact me!

Want to know more about one of these ways to market your book? Let me know in the comments below, and I will write a longer post about it! 

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