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Adventures in Writing Land: Part 1

At the end of every month, I will be documenting the adventures of trying to write my novel in hopes that it will provide you with inspiration and some tips (there will be takeaways at the end). I would recommend listening to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack while reading these posts, because writing feels that perilous and important. I will go on record and say I do not have hairy feet.
I am in the planning stage of my new young adult novel (the details are currently a secret). I had gotten to know the characters (don’t know how to do that? stay tuned!), but the plot was still a vague, amorphous idea in my head.

So I did what I always do. I stared at the computer screen. I stared out the window. I stared at movie posters from college. I may or may not have watched music videos on YouTube or internet memes involving Donna from Parks and Recreation.

After a couple of days of this, I got worried. I kept thinking about The Shining.

So I went to a local cafe where there is the best frozen chai tea on the planet and a beautiful garden in the back with a fountain. I settled down under a leafy trellis and BAM! The words were flowing. A few hours later, I had a detailed outline and a direction for the novel.

I am ready to get this show on the road.

Today’s takeaway: Get out of the house. The muse sometimes gets sick of seeing that poster you had from college. She sometimes wants an iced chai and hang out by a fountain.

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