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Why It Is Important To Invest In Your Book

You have heard me talk about the importance of investing in your book before. Well, I am so passionate about people investing in their masterpieces that I asked some of my friends (ranging from book coaches to marketers to book reviewers) to explain why they think giving your writing the VIP treatment is important.  

Book/Story Coaches

 “Investing in your book’s editing and design are key in positioning yourself as a professional writer who stands up to the standards set by the traditional publishing industry. Far too often, authors try to go the cheapest route and then get hit by one-star reviews for grammar or the books are never even purchased because of amateur design. Being an author is a business. And like any business, you must invest in it.” – Rocky Callen

“Writers should invest in their books because it sends a message to the Universe that says: ‘I believe in myself’ and ‘I am worthy and deserving of my dreams.’ And because as a self-published author, you need to treat your book as professionally as it would be treated if you were traditionally publishing.” – Jennifer Blanchard

“It’s so important to invest in a self-published book for TWO reasons: one is that otherwise you probably won’t finish it, and two, you won’t have a polished, professional looking book if you don’t. When I have joined writing groups or hired a coach, I have stuck to my deadlines and worked towards continuous progress. I felt connected and accountable. I got the book done. I cannot imagine not paying a cover designer, editor, or formatter. They are so essential! Who wants to spend all of that time writing and then offer a book to readers that is riddled with mistakes?! Not me! I have to admit, my books are also made better by all of the contributing influences along the way. I love getting insights from various experts and incorporating their suggestions into my final product. A book project has so many steps, especially if you’re self-publishing and don’t have the built-in support of an agent and publishing house. It makes sense to build a team that can encourage you along the way.” – Amy R Brooks, Founder of VoicePenPurpose Consulting and Publishing


“When you publish an unedited book, the following occurs: it ruins your credibility as an author; the negative Amazon/Goodreads/blog reviews are not erasable; you destroy the relationship with your readers; and you will cost yourself more in the long run. Why do you need to invest in a professional editor? Because you can’t afford not to.” – Shayla Eaton, Curiouser Editing

Book Marketers

“We don’t live in a radio and billboard society anymore. That’s not how we market books. My recipe for marketing = social media + email list + website + a big dash of authenticity. This is the biggest part of successfully marketing a book—having a platform. If you have zero social media presence, if there are more moths than subscribers on your email list, and if you aren’t connected with anyone besides your mom and the quirky Facebook profile for her cat, then you need to back up and do some recon on your marketing.” – Shayla Eaton, Curiouser Editing

“It’s important to invest in book marketing because as an author, you can’t do everything. While it seems like a good idea to build your own website, plan a book launch, design a cover, self-edit, format your book and build relationships to help you sell more books, there’s only so much you can do in a day. When it comes down to it, even small businesses focus on investing in services, resources, and people that can help them do more in less time. If you want your book marketing to be efficient and effective, I recommend setting a budget and investing instead of wearing yourself out trying to do all the things.” – Angela J. Ford, The Four World Series


“Mentorship is such an amazing asset in a writer’s toolbox. While reading and writing will always be the most foundational ways to improve your writing skills, learning from a mentor–someone more advanced in your craft–is simply an invaluable way to get a leg up on your writing journey. Having a one-on-one mentor, whether that be through a writing class or simply with a willing acquaintance, is great, but you can also gain incredible mentorship through resources like books and courses offered by writers willing to share their insights into the craft.” – Kristen Kieffer, Well-Storied

Book Reviewer

“As a book reviewer, picking up a self-published book is a huge risk for me. So often the biggest indicator of whether a book is going to be worth reading for review is how many little mistakes I can find at first glance. Knowing that an author invested in editing services is a guarantee that they care enough about their work to take it seriously.” – Whitney Kippes, Imaginary Book Club

How about you? How have you invested in your books or writing? 

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