What I Wish You Knew (Part One)

A surprising question that I hear a lot at parties (besides the D.C.-standard “What do you do?) is what do you wish writers knew? In an effort to answer this question once and for all so I can spend more time eating chocolate cupcakes at parties, I am doing a five-part series on what I wish you knew.

Without further ado, here is the first thing I wish you knew: 

Make sure you book coach knows about narrative structure.

It seems to be a trend that once people write a book, they become a book coach. There seems to be this belief that just because you got to “the end,” it makes you qualified to tell other people how to get there.


Okay, I get really fired up about this, but I am tired of having to tell people to completely rewrite their books after they come to me after writing their book with a book coach. I really hate seeing that heartbreak. 

Why is so much revision required?

Because their book coaches don’t know how to craft a narrative so it is all over the place. It is not enough to have accountability and someone telling you that your book is the best thing ever.

You need someone who will help you structure your book correctly from the beginning so you have fewer revisions. You need someone who will be simultaneously encouraging and honest. Basically, you need someone who knows the craft of coaching AND writing.

If that’s what you are looking for, it would be my greatest honor to help you. Please click here to begin your book journey with fewer revisions. After all, don’t we want to get our book out in the world faster and more easily? 

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