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Popular…With Book Characters

Growing up I had lots of friends…that were book characters. As a child, I was not exactly one of the “cool kids.” I was actually more the kid with a giant “kick me” sign. Alas, bullies aren’t really sympathetic to kids whose tear ducts always seem to be dripping and prefer to read in the corner than to play at recess.

While I did not exactly have athletic skills, that was okay because my book friends did.  When I read Alanna by Tamora Pierce, I could live vicariously through my friend, Alanna, as she trained to be a knight. Or I felt like I had a whole group of friends when I snuck a forbidden Babysitter’s Club book at the school library (sorry, Mom). I never really felt lonely because Pooh always had Piglet.

Can you relate? I provide you with a list of some book friends you can make:

1) Anne from Anne of Green Gables  (she will be your bosom buddy)

2) Emma from Emma (she will always set you up)

3) The Wife of Bath from The Canterbury Tales (she will tell you a good yarn)

4) Jenny Wren from Our Mutual Friend (she is just awesome…really, you have to read it)

5) Holden Caulfield from Catcher in the Rye (the kid needs to watch his language, but he has a good heart)

Of course, Jenipher’s book will help too. 😉

 10359315_10152477952554273_881474850_oI am helping my friend, Jenipher, run a blog party for her book How Being Stubborn, Depressed, and Unpopular SAVED my Life. This post is for the first week’s topic: Unpopularity (the opposite of Ryan Murphy’s show). Learn more — and join us! – by clicking here.

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