Fast forward 6 months.

Your book is completed, published, and on Amazon.

You look at the cover and there you are, in full print, right next to the word “by.” Because you finally ponied up and did it… YOU WROTE YOUR BOOK!

Uh, of course you did. That’s why you’re here.

And I’m here to help you make it happen: one idea, outline, and chapter at a time.

Keep reading for the three ways we can get your book into the world.

From Nada to Novel in six months flat.

You know you’ve got a book (or seventeen) in you.

But every time you even think about writing it, you lose steam, give up, or convince yourself that you can’t, that you’re not talented or knowledgeable enough, that you will run out of ideas or time, that no one really cares about what YOU have to say, or that it’s just too huge a commitment to really undertake.


Who are YOU to write a book, you ask?

Um… who are you NOT to? How do you think J.K. Rowling got started? Or John Green, Marissa Meyer, or even Suzanne Collins? NOT by sitting around whining and wondering if they were any good at what they did. They harnessed the power of their imagination, enlisted the help and support they needed, sat down, and DID IT.

They educated themselves on what needed to be done and wrote their butts off.

Consistently. And if you want to write a novel, that’s what you’re going to do--with my help, of course.

That’s why I created The Novel Treatment - to help you grasp your creativity by the cojones and stick to your guns, sharp shooter. Because the world needs a piece of your mind and deserves a piece of your talent.

If you’re ready to finally ...

●  See your name in print, like, on the cover of an actual book.
●  Introduce the characters in your head to real readers who are dying to meet them.
●  Change someone’s life as a result of experiencing your story.
●  Entertain tons of young adults and make the rough patches of growing up that much easier for them.
●  Watch fans turn your quotes into memes, mugs, tee shirts, and tweets.

Then the Novel Treatment is for you.

Here’s how it works 

●  We kick off with a Novel(ty) Day--an entire day devoted to you and your novel.
●  In that day, we’ll spend 3 hours on the phone or Skype and outline your entire novel from start to finish.
●  You will get deadlines around your outline to keep you on pace with your writing goals and timeline over six months.
●  All the while, we will meet on Skype every other week for an hour to hash out any problems you’re encountering in the writing process.
●  As you write, you will send me weekly or monthly pages to review for you, depending on how you work best.

Over our 6 months working together, you’ll receive -

● 1 Novel(ty) Day with me including three hours on the phone or Skype where we plan your entire novel. ($999 value)
● 2 Outlines for your novel so you have all you need to move forward and get it written. ($100 value)
● 12 one-hour-long Skype Calls to brainstorm ideas and problem solve stuck points in your writing process and story. ($1,800 value)
● Editing and feedback for up to 12,000 words per month (that’s 72,000 words total), so you can have fresh, professional eyes on your work instead of writing in a vacuum until the whole thing is finished. These can be fresh writing or rewritten areas that I’ve already read for you - entirely your choice! ($2,400 value)
● 24/7 email support during business hours - I will respond to any needs within 24 hours so you’re never alone throughout the process. ($3,000 value)

PLUS, you’ll receive bonus character templates and a writing resource list to help you along the way! ($199 value!)

As your writing coach, mentor, and copyeditor, I’m here to help you with everything from character development to plot holes to minor tweaks in the writing. Anything goes.

Six months later, you’ll walk away with a completed manuscript, ready to pitch, self-publish, and sell. And I can even connect you with my publishing contacts to help you start that part of the process.

Total Value: $8,298

Your investment to finally write your novel: $4,999

Or you can miss out on changing teenagers’ lives, becoming the next J.K. Rowling and living in a pimped-out castle in Scotland. I think the choice is pretty obvious.

Click here to get started!

Once you’re ready to rock and roll -

● You’ll get a contract that outlines all of the details of our agreement and an invoice for your first payment.
● You will get immediate access to your bonus resources and a link to schedule your Novel(ty) Day with me!
● You write your amazing novel and start making waves in the world with your words.

Get your entire book plotted - in one solid day.

So you know you want to write a novel. You’ve got the characters swimming around your head. The images. The emotions. The moments. But getting it down on paper feels impossible. You’re not the type of person that can just do something willy-nilly.

You need a map, a strategy, a plan.

You need an outline.

That’s exactly what the Novel(ty) Day is for!

Here’s how it works

● We jam on Skype for 90 minutes about your book idea and hone in on the story you want to tell, the characters, and all of the moving parts.

● We hammer out a general outline for your novel, taking all of your brilliant ideas into consideration.

● We break for 15 minutes so you can take a breather and implement some of the outline writing.

● We get back on for another 90 minutes and get more detailed, diving into the chapter-by-chapter outline and what needs to happen in each to keep the story moving forward.

One Day + Me + You + Your story = An “Oh-Hell-Yes” Outline.

Also, the only math you need to write a novel.

You’ll walk away with one general AND one chapter outline so you can finally have the plan you need to write your novel.

Your investment is just $999.

Yes, I do this because I love it.

You’ll also get a BONUS resource list for writing - also known as my best kept secrets -and a set of character templates that will help you nail your story elements like no other.

How to get started

After you click that pretty little “Book It!” link, you will be sent to my client intake form. Once you have filled out a few short questions that will help me get to know you, I will send a link to my calendar and an invoice for our time together. I can’t wait to create a novel plan with you!

Inspiration for hire.

Truth: If you’re short on ideas (and time) and you can’t begin a novel, let alone finish it.

It’s time to find your muse, let the inspiration flow, and beat writer’s block. Like a boss.

The Novel Idea is a quick-fixing, one-off service that I created just for YOU when you’re stuck in a rut and need to get out of it (and fast).

The Novel Idea provides you with …

● The inspiration you need when you’re spinning in “I don’t know what to write about” mode.

● The accountability necessary to go from idea to written for an entire week.

● The answers to story problems that you know are there but can’t quite get your mind around on your own.

● The decisions necessary to step forward into your first (or second or third) book or continue your next chapter. You can’t get moving until you’ve chosen your adventure.

You’re already brilliant, but sometimes the ideas seem dull. Sometimes you just have to wipe the fog away to truly let your language shine. And that’s why I’m here.

Book it - $97.

What’s included:

● An hour long call with yours truly to hash out all of your creative holdbacks.

● An entire week of email support so you can ask any follow up questions you may have about what we discussed.

● The entire discussion recorded, so you can refer to it again and again for ongoing sparks of ideas.

● Customized notes and individualized assignments from our call so you have it all on paper and don’t have to worry about writing it down in a frenzy!

Your one time investment for ongoing inspiration is just $97.

Payment is accepted via Paypal.

Click that pretty “Book It!” button to get started. 

P.S. Unlike other writing coaches, I do not try to “coach” you without seeing your writing on paper firsthand. That would be like a football coach refusing to watch the game. On the other hand, I also do not let you flounder about (while I simply wait by the sidelines) for a finished product like most editors. That is like a teacher quizzing you without explaining the material. Instead, I’m here for all parts of the process. Whether you’re struggling with the ideas, the execution, or the revisions, when you work with me, you’ll have a partner in your corner who cares as much as you do. Simply put, I will have your back.

Let’s get started.

Don't see what you are looking for? Perhaps you have finished the book and just want me to edit it for you? Or you want the calls without the editing? No worries! We can work together to make the perfect custom package for you.  Just mosey over to the custom editing page, and I will create a way to work together that it is tailored just for you!