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Lessons from Literary Ladies

I am always inspired by the characters encountered in fiction, so it would make sense that fictional females writersinspire me to pick up my pen. They have also taughtme a few lessons on the craft.  In no particular order, here are eight inspirational and instructive, fictional, female writers: 1) Jo March from Little Women

She is always the first person that springs to my mind when I think of a writer. Just learn from her mistakes and make sure you keep your manuscripts from your little sister when she is angry. It burns.

2) Anne from Anne of Green Gables

She had an over-active imagination, so it makes sense that she would take to writing. You should send your writing out for publication; don’t make your best friend sneak behind your back like Anne did. Also, money is awesome! There is no such thing as selling out.

3) Emily from Emily of New Moon

L.M. Montgomery took the write whatyou know thing seriously, because this is yet another protagonist who is a writer. Unlike Anne, Emily actually stuck with it. Be an Emily, not an Anne.

4) Harriet from Harriet the Spy

This little sleuth practiced her character development by spying on her friends. A good idea; just make sure your friends don’t get a hold of your journal.

5) Scarlett from Suite Scarlett

Scarlett wrote to escape her madcap life in a failing hotel in New York City. Need a getaway? Take a page from her book.

6) Carrie from Sex and the City

Carrie wrote to sort out the confusing aspects of modern dating and her very active love life. Have a problem you can’t crack? Write it out.

7) Cassandra from I Capture the Castle

Cassandra wrotein her journal. All the time. Even in the tub. There is no place too grand or mundane to write in.

8) Esther from The Bell Jar

On the other side of the coin, don’t write to the point where you become ill. Esther was talented and passionate about writing, but it eventually landed her in a sanitarium.


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