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How I Got My Book Idea

Whenever I go to an author talk, someone in the audience inevitably asks, “How did you get your idea for your book?”

Well, I don’t claim to be cool as Neil Gaiman or Tamora Pierce, but I am going to answer that question anyway.

I was walking along a beach in the Hamptons (I understand if you want to roll your eyes here) with my friends when suddenly it hit me. No, the heavens didn’t open and no angel started singing “Beauty School Dropout.” The idea just came to me.  Fully downloaded.

I ran back to our beach house and wrote the first few chapters as I listened to ’80s music (yes, it plays a huge role in my book). It was so easy. My main character’s voice came to me loud and clear.

It didn’t feel so much like writing as a channeling.

How was I able to access my inspiration so well that a fully-formed book came to me instantly?

I stepped away. I went on a retreat.

You see, you need to step away from the day-to-day sometimes to see clearly. When you allow blank space in your schedule, you open up yourself to new ideas. Also, a change of scenery sparks inspiration.

Also, ocean waves never hurt.

Are you yearning for an ocean retreat? I have an exciting opportunity coming up. Email if you want the 411.

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