How I Finished My First Few Books

By the time I graduated from college, I had completed three novels. One was a political fairytale (I live in D.C., okay?); one was a modern retelling of the Arthur myth in high school (this was before Camelot High came out), and one was a modern retelling of the love story of Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Lizzie Siddal. 

Did having summer vacation help? Heck yes. But that wasn’t really the magic secret to get me across the finish line. What was? Accountability.

You see, my friend, Sam (it is a pseudonym pulled from Lord of the Rings), helped me complete it.


I would send her a new chapter from my book every week. If she didn’t hear from me, she would ask for more. Because she read it and actually enjoyed it. 

That didn’t mean she loved everything. She didn’t hesitate to tell me areas of improvement. But it was kind enough to keep me going.

I would often hear her say, “You can’t stop now. I want to know more!” My favorite moment when she begged me not to kill a character because she had become so attached to him.

That gave me hope that I could make it as a writer.

If it weren’t for her, I don’t think I would eventually complete seven books.

Because I am so grateful for her help, I want to recreate that experience for you. I am putting together a select group of writers in a writing group for accountability, encouragement, coaching and fun dance parties.

Are you interested? We would love to have you. Just mosey on over here.  

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