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Behind the Scenes of Life as an Editor

Okay, so being an editor is pretty much the best job ever, but there are a few quirky things about living as one. I decided to share a few tidbits of my life in this business for your entertainment. Because who didn’t love Making the Video

1. I think about your book. All the time. 

Seriously, when I am editing a book, I think about it all the time. If I am walking my dog, I try to find ways to make flat characters more complex. As I sit on the metro, I try to fill the plot holes. When I take on one of my client’s books, it’s like their book becomes my own. I even dream about a few of them.

2. I am obnoxious to watch movies or shows with.

When I am watching a show with my husband, I have a habit of guessing the “twists” ridiculously early. I pretty much knew Ned Stark was going to die as soon as he stepped foot on the screen.

I am also pretty annoying to watch shows with because I will spend a ridiculous amount of time dissecting its narrative structure. I ruined “San Junipero” for my husband by discussing how the ending made no sense. (If you want to know why, hit reply, and we will chat.)

You know the writing lesson emails I send? That’s what I am like when I watch a show or movie. Almost every time.

3. It can be hard for me to write. 

When I write, my own editor doesn’t instantly go away. I constantly hear a voice in my head telling me that my characters are flat or that I just wrote in the passive voice. It can be exhausting.

How do I turn it off? I literally say, “Shut up.” For some reason, I listen to myself. 

Tangentially, I am also scared when I send my work to my editor. As a writer, that is never easy. Even when you know what it is like to be one. 

Want me dreaming of your book? Head on over here to make my dreams come true.

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