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An Eloise-Inspired Place to Write (Plus Nine Others)

As I mentioned in a previous post, when I get the dreaded “Writer’s Block” (dun dun DUN!), it helps to get a change in scenery. Here are ten places where you can write when you are short on inspiration (or just have cabin fever): 1. Art Gallery/Museum

There is something very inspiring to be surrounded by the work of other creatives or civilizations. I frequent the National Gallery of Art and love to look at the Impressionist art work while I write. There is something soothing about the pastels of Monet.

2. Cafe

It worked for Hemingway. Need I say more?

3. Garden/Park

Psychologists and Thoreau say the outdoors are a great source of inspiration. Even if they are wrong (who trusts a man who lets his mother do his laundry for him when he was an adult?), the fresh air and vitamin D will do you good.

4. Friend’s House

I have a friend with a lovely cherry tree that is visible from her dining room. She is kind enough to let me work at her table and gaze at it when I go stir-crazy from working. Note: this is only effective if your friend does not chatter at you the whole time. Taking chat breaks, however, is incredibly helpful since writing can be lonely.

5. Library

While this might drag up unpleasant memories of college, the library can be the perfect place to write. It is silent, and a dictionary is always close by.

6. Hotel Lobby

Hotels aren’t only for Eloise; you can hang there too! The benefits of a hotel lobby are many: the lighting is good, the chairs are comfy, and there are plenty of people to observe. There might also be a hint of intrigue as well. Where is that couple going? Why did that man slip another man a sheet of paper?

7. Train

What is more romantic than writing on a train? Nothing. Bonus points if you live in Europe.

8. Pool

It is summer time, and you have got writing on your mind. By the pool. Just make sure you don’t let water touch your laptop or paper. Not that I speak from personal experience.

9. Restaurant

The fancier, the better. Writing in a luxurious atmosphere while eating delicious food gives me the energy and enjoyment I need to get through a block.

10. Mall

Kevin Smith films makes the mall seem like a prime place for shenanigans. Which makes the perfect place to write. Suddenly hit a block? The teencouple fighting near the food court just might be the inspiration you need.

Need something more than a change in scenery? Check out booking The Novel Idea package here. After a chat with me, you will be more inspired than you would be looking at endless Ryan Gosling memes (“hey girl, let’s live happily ever after like the fairytale you’ve been writing”).

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  1. Catching up on my Inbox and loving your newsletter! This post is one of my favorites! 🙂 I finished 50,000 words mainly on the London Underground during grad school. I miss writing on the train/tube.
    I just wish there were some kind of graphic so it would be easy to pin. I’ll pin this with the header, but something to think about. 😉

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Sarah! You made my day. 🙂 I find the Metro in D.C. is an amazing place to write. I have written many short stories on there. Did you know Amtrak developed a program for writers to ride the train for free so they can write? It is pretty crazy/awesome.
      Thank you for the suggestion! It is brilliant. 🙂 I will look into making graphics. I wish I were not so artistically challenged.

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