The Bookish Fox

You have been wanting to get into the habit of writing every day for…well, forever. Your habit is basically wanting to get in the habit of writing. 

You know it is important. You know your book will not get done if you don’t work on it consistently. You know you need to write blog posts on a regular basis if you want sales. Basically, you know your bookworm dreams will be stalled until you learn how to sit down and write on the regular.

Well, I am here to save the day! Like Superman, but with better fashion sense. 

 You and I will work together on getting you into the habit of writing. How does this happen?

  • We will meet for two hours to get to know each other (like in the King and I) and develop a personalized writing plan for you.
  • Then we will meet three more times throughout the month for a half hour to make sure you are right on the rich track (like in Pippin).
  • You will also get unlimited e-mail access to me for the whole month. I will be there for you 24/7. Okay, not 24/7, but five days a week during normal business hours. 

Basically, we can party together like Kimmy Schmidt and Titus Andromedon (or the Gilmore girls) for a month. Get excited!!!

When we are done, you will have a writing habit that will be with you for the rest of your life. I am your word enabler, and I will get you hooked on writing forever. 

How much to enter the party? It is $347.

There are only four packages available, so join the party now! You don’t want to be like the kid who went to Target too late and missed getting a virtual pet in the 1990s (please tell me you remember that).

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