25 Writing Challenges

  1. Write about an unusual scent.
  2. Tell a story about a silent world.
  3. Go to an art museum, and write a story about the first painting you see.
  4. Create a character about the fifth person you see on the street.
  5. Read the dialogue from your latest piece out loud.
  6. Write a romance with an ending that makes you laugh.
  7. Develop a character based on your best friend (but don’t tell her).
  8. Find an old journal, and create a character based on your younger self.
  9. Write as much as you can when your computer’s battery reaches ten percent.
  10. Review your favorite book on Amazon.
  11. Send an old-fashioned letter to someone who needs a bit of love.
  12. Leave a postcard in a public place for a stranger.
  13. Create a world based on a game that you played as a child.
  14. Keep a dream journal by your bed.
  15. Write a book with a friend.
  16. Send a thank you note to a writer that moved you.
  17. Give someone the gift of a poem.
  18. Write a story based on a page in a coloring book.
  19. Tell a story to a small child, and write a book based on it.
  20. Write at least one word every day. (You can do that.)
  21. Have a word count contest with a friend for at least a month.
  22. Describe your favorite place in the whole world.
  23. Make something mundane sound special.
  24. Next time you read a book, notice what words the writer chooses.
  25. Call yourself a writer the next time someone asks what you do.

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