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Valentines for You and Your Novel

Dear Your Novel,

Roses are red

Violets are blue

The world cannot wait to read you.



P.S. Did I mention you have a beautiful cover? It is absolutely stunning. However, it is nothing compared to the gorgeous words inside. You are an absolute bombshell. 

Dear Writer,

I am so grateful that you are writing. I know it is an act of courage; it is basically standing emotionally naked in front of a bunch of strangers (and you don’t know how many people are in the room, and you can’t see their faces). I know it scary. But you are doing that anyway. You deserve a bouquet of roses just for that.

I know you aren’t writing just for kicks. You are writing it because you want to connect with people like me. Maybe you want me to escape the stressful world and sweep me off my feet with a whirlwind romance. Maybe you want to make me cry and have a cathartic release. Maybe you want to fire me up, so I will join your cause or see your point of view. Maybe it is as simple as you really love your characters and want me to meet them (because we all love to get to know interesting people). Regardless of the reason, you want to change my life.

Not many people want to change my life. Most people care. But you care. You care so much that you are willing to be vulnerable and put yourself out there. You are willing to risk encountering a few trolls. You are willing to put in the time and tears it takes to write a novel. You are willing to skip going to that Friday night party and sit alone in a room just to write. You are willing to tear your writing apart in the editing stages so it is in the best shape possible when you are ready to present it to the world. You are willing to invest money in your book, whether it is through hiring an editor, taking a class, or even paying for postage to send out a query letter. You have sacrificed for me, and I am grateful.

Thank you so much. If I could send you a box of chocolates and a Disney Valentine (I know you remember those from elementary school), I would. 



I challenge you to write a Valentine to your book and put it in the comments below!



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