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13 Unexpected Ways to Develop Your Characters

Are you having a hard time developing your character? Do you think you are going to scream if you have to fill out another template (you know, the ones that ask for date of birth and height)? Well, here are 13 unexpected (and fun) ways to develop your characters. 

1. Make a Pinterest board for your character. 

2. Take an online quiz for your character.

3. Ask your character interview questions. 

4. People watch for inspiration. The dude in the coffeeshop might be the perfect romantic lead. 

5. Flip through magazines. A hobby magazine can help you create a hobby for a character. A fashion magazine can help you determine your character’s outfits (just not Vogue–those outfits are not realistic). A cooking magazine can help you figure out your character’s favorite meals.

6. Read a lot of books and watch good TV. Don’t directly copy the characters, but, by studying them, you can create well-developed characters.

7. Pay attention to people’s speech patterns. This will help you write dialogue for your characters.

8. Read poetry. It reveals a lot about human emotion, which can help you create emotional depth in your characters.

9. Make a playlist for your character. Try to incorporate the songs into your novel.

10. Try method acting for your character. Try being them for a day.

11. Call someone who is in the same profession as your character. Ask her a lot of question about her work and life.

12. Visit the places where your characters frequent. If your character lives in England, book a flight to London.

13. Look around shops. You might find furnishings for your character’s home or other elements of her daily life.  

How do you develop your characters? Tell me in the comments below!

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