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13 on Thursday: 13 Random Facts About Me

For this week’s 13 on Thursday, I will share random facts about me. This is for all of you who were wondering about the woman behind the business and wanted to know more than what is listed on my about page. 

1. The picture above is my dog and (lazy) assistant, Nola. When she is not sleeping on the job, she likes barking at sneezes and playing with the other dogs in our apartment building. 

2. My first word was “book.” This should not surprise you. 

3. My favorite book of all time is The Little Prince. I adore it so much that we used part of the fox chapter at our wedding. Well, it also had the benefit of being about foxes and golden hair.

4. When I am writing, I listen to music from the 80s. It is my favorite kind of music (New Wave forever), and there is something about it that is so evocative. 

5. I only have written adaptations of myths, classic literature, or history. I am incapable of writing an original storyline.

6. When I was in graduate school, I specialized in medieval English literature. In particular, I looked at it in terms of adaptation theory (how contemporary writers adapt medieval stories into movies and new novels). 

7. I am obsessed with teen movies and films. I cannot get enough of John Hughes film.

8. I live in Washington D.C. It is everything you imagine it would be like. Despite that, I love living here. I think it is the most beautiful city in the US, and you have an abundance of free things to do.

9. I love dancing. I am almost the first person on the dance floor, and I do not really drink, so I am doing this stone-cold sober. People have come up to me at weddings to compliment me on my dance skills. This shocks me, because I am pretty sure I am terrible.

10. I knew I wanted to be a writer after reading My Father’s Dragon in third grade. We had an assignment to write our own story about a dragon. I remember thinking: “I wish I could do this when I grow up.” Then I realized I could! 

11. I frequented punk rock concerts in college. I still really love the music, but my concerts have gotten a bit more staid in my old age. The last concert I saw was Fitz and the Tantrums. The next two I am attending are Bruce Springsteen and Salt-N-Pepa. I am really pumped for these. My best friend and I will definitely dance to “Push It.”

12. The first concert I ever attended was the All-American Rejects concert in college. My best friend went to the same concert (it was also her first one), but we didn’t know each other yet. We like to joke about experiencing the same first concert together, even though we didn’t know the other existed. 

13. I hate the beach. I know this is very strange. I just really hate the sand in my bathing suit, and I have yet to figure out how to handle the waves while wearing contacts. I still love being at the beach and go once a year. I realize this is a super confusing.

Now it is your turn! Tell me some fun facts about you in the comments below. 

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